Frequently asked questions

Farm Questions

Do you feed any grain?

The chickens' diets are supplemented every day with a combination of corn and soybeans. The feed is antibiotic and hormone FREE! Chickens are unable to get everything they need to survive from grass. Their feed also has essential vitamins and minerals to keep them healthy. The cows' diets are only supplemented with minerals they are unable to get from the grass. This keeps the cows happy and healthy.

What is cell-grazing?

The cows are confined to a small area for a short amount of time and are moved frequently. This forces the cows to graze the forages evenly and prevents them from over grazing. This allows the pastures to take a break to recover forage growth more rapidly. This system is how the bison grazed the prairies many years ago.

What is a chicken tractor?

The chicken tractor is a large pen the chickens are kept in. This provides the chickens safety from all predators, rain, and even gives them shade to relax during the middle of the day. The tractors are moved daily to give the chickens access to plenty of grass and bugs.

What kind of cows do you have?

We originally started out many years ago as a registered Angus farm. We wanted to expand the genetic potential in our herd and have since switched to many other breeds trying to create the perfect breed of cattle. We have crossbred our cows using several breeds such as Simmental, Hereford, and Beefmaster to adapt to our farm and the changing climate. We have a lot of Angus and Simmental genetics in our herd but currently have both Beefmaster and Hereford bulls.

Are we able to come visit the farm?

Yes! We love to have visitors and show them our lifestyle, the animals, and teach customers where their food comes from. The best time to visit the farm is from the spring until the fall. The winter time is slow on the farm and the grazing systems are not used heavily due to no grass growth.

Is your farm organic?

No. Our farm is sustainable, but not organic. It would take years for our farm to transition to become organic certified. Sustainable farming produces crops or animals that are minimally invasive to the environment. We preserve streams and waterways in order to leave the natural habitats undisturbed. We simply produce our products the way they were meant to be, naturally and sustainably.

Are the chickens free-range?

No, chickens are low on the food chain and make an easy meal for a lot of different predators. We make sure our chickens are provided with safety by keeping them in chicken tractors. They are provided with plenty of space to roam and are moved daily. We feel this system is the most humane thing for them. Being free-range, the chickens would likely become dinner for the coyotes and raccoons.

Ordering Questions

How can I purchase your products?

Come see us at farmer's markets throughout Saint Louis, order online, or pick us up at a number of local groceries in the area.

Do you charge a delivery fee?

We offer free delivery to local communities (Sullivan, Bourbon, or Cuba). We also offer free delivery on all orders over $100. All other deliveries within 80 miles of Bourbon, MO will be charged a $10 fee.

How can I place an order online?

The prices shown on the online store are a set price. This is the price you pay when you place your order. Because we sell meat by the pound, an additional fee will be required upon delivery, which will be calculated and emailed to you before your order is delivered. At delivery we accept a debit/credit card or cash.

Can I order a whole, quarter, or half a beef?

Of course! We take orders for whole, quarter, and half beefs, but these will need to be pre-ordered. Contact us for more information.

Can I place a large order for chicken?

If you would like to place a large order for chicken, we can accomodate you. Just contact us with your desired amount.

Do you sell to grocery stores or resturants?

We have sold our products to a few grocery stores in the area. If you are a grocery store or resturant and would like to purchase some of our products please contact us!