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Delivery and Shipping Policy

  • All products whether shipped or delivered will be to the customer every TUESDAY. If a box is being shipped through UPS it will ship on Monday's, with a tracking number emailed to you.

  • The time of delivery will be determined the day of, it is based around work and farm schedules. We use boxes that are insulated so there is no worry about the products defrosting. The time of delivery should not matter since we use these boxes, if you are working. Your products should stay frozen.

  • ALL box materials are made RECYCLABLE and are aligned with our SUSTAINABLE mission. 

  • An invoice with the final price will be sent by email and includes final weights and delivery fee (if one), this shall be paid prior to you receiving the products.

  • To make sure your order is delivered that week have orders placed by 8:00AM CDT the SUNDAY before.

  • NO delivery or shipping fee is charged for any order PICKED UP at the farm. Deliveries to the Cuba, Bourbon, or Sullivan areas are FREE. It is our mission to serve our local communities.

Shipping Fees are as listed below, they can also be found by clicking "PRODUCT" in the main tabs above.

  • SHIPPING RATES ARE NO LONGER COVERED BY THE FARM. At checkout, it will give accurate live costs of shipping, all boxes ship with UPS Next Day Air.

  • For MISSOURI customers from the FARM to St. Louis area (for example: along the I-44 corridor), please reach out PRIOR to order purchase to learn how to reduce the cost of shipping with personal delivery. This includes:

  1. Subscription boxes ship FREE

  2. Orders over $150 ship FREE

Return & Exchange Policy

Due to our food safety policy we do not accept any returned products. Once a product leaves our possession we will not take it back. If you are unsatisfied with something please let us know. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, we will do what we can to correct the situation.

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