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Customer Care

Customer service is our number ONE priority. If you ever feel like a product is not what you expected, please email, call, or text us the issue. We will always try to do what we can to make the situation right.


We will not except any returned meat. Once you receive the product, it is yours. It is against our food safety policy to accept any product that has been with a customer. Our beef is butchered in a USDA inspected facility and the chicken is butchered on farm using the highest sanitation procedures. We have obtained an inspection exemption from the USDA to butcher the chickens on farm. If there is any concern please contact us to let us know.


Privacy & Safety

We follow the same Privacy & Safety policy set forth by Wix. No information will be given to anyone outside of Delhi Sustainable Farms. Your privacy is of the highest importance to your business. If you ever feel your information has been shared please contact us.

Payment Methods

  •  Credit / Debit Cards

  • Offline Payments

  • All payments through the store need to be credit / debit cards. Contact us for offline payment types.

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