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Since 2001 the farm has grown and gained a few more cows but maintained the original cow/calf operation. We started implementing rotational grazing with the cows in 2005. There were a few years of trial and error before we got the system down, but now we are able to work the grazing system seamlessly. Rotational grazing improves the health of the pasture grasses and soil while also allowing more cows to be raised per acre. We were able to maximize the amount of forage grown on healthier soils with the implementation of the grazing system. Our 160 head of cattle are happy, and the pastures thrive with little assistance. 


Our calves consume a high protein diet. In the spring season our cattle graze on forage oats, abundant clover, and orchard grass. Throughout the summer months we switch the pastures to sorghum-sudan grass, which provides an even higher protein content for finishing the beef. We have been raising the best cattle in the area for years and feel consumers need to experience our beef as well. We have started direct marketing to consumers in the area and are told our beef is of the best quality. Even the processor doesn't believe how we are able to get as much fat onto our beef as we do. They often don't believe it is 100% grass-fed beef. Our meat has a better flavor, is full of omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and high quality marbling.

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