To order a full beef, PLEASE call to order. This is a rough price for the cost, final price depends on the final weight of the animal. The meat from a whole beef takes approximately 10-14 cu.ft. of freezer space. This estimated price INCLUDES processing.

Half a beef is ROUGHLY:

6 packages Cubed Steak

20LB Sirloin Steak

36LB Ribeye Steak

15LB Porterhouse Steak

38LB T-bone Steak

10 packages Short Ribs

6 Arm Roasts

10 Chuck Roasts

4 Sirloin Tip Roasts

2 Rump Roast

2 Brisket

20LB Soup Bones

12LB Stew Meat

154LB Hamburger

Whole Beef (Pre-order)

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