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Purchasing this deposit means you are buying the entire beef. Deposits are non-refundable. The estimated cost for a full beef is $2,500, the final price depends on the final weight of the animal. You will be placed on the list to recieve the beef at the next available processing date. You will recieve an email with the next available date within 24 hours of purchasing the deposit. The meat from a whole beef takes approximately 10-14 cu.ft. of freezer space. This estimated price INCLUDES processing and delivery within 100 miles of the farm.
A whole beef is ROUGHLY:
6 packages Cubed Steak
20LB Sirloin Steak
36LB Ribeye Steak
15LB Porterhouse Steak
38LB T-bone Steak
10 packages Short Ribs
6 Arm Roasts
10 Chuck Roasts
4 Sirloin Tip Roasts
2 Rump Roast
2 Brisket
20LB Soup Bones
12LB Stew Meat
154LB Hamburger

Whole Beef (Deposit)

SKU: B022
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